Saturday, April 15, 2017

David Hellmann

Landing page
David Hellmann is a Digital Art Director, Designer, and Developer based in Linz, Austria. His website is absolutely gorgeous, and it's actually fun to move around in. Simple animations as you move from section to section, and even as you scroll through different sections streamline the experience and make you forget that the web page has load time.
One of the selections on his portfolio page
 Each portfolio piece is set up in a vertical fashion, and, in fact, the whole website seems to be set up more for mobile than for desktop viewing. Each scroll comes with a little bit of a snap to center on the next element down the line, which, again, aids the mobile visitors more than the desktop.
Actual project page. I apologize for zooming out so much. There is a lot of vertical to his website. You should visit it.
Overall, even on a desktop, this website still an amazing example of web design. I would highly suggest giving it a visit and just looking around for a bit. Maybe even try it on different platforms.

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